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Macroeconomic Indicators for 2015
Inflation for March0,8%
Inflation from the beginning1,5%
Inflation for 12 Months6,5%
Money Supply, billion TJS (Somoni) for March5,3
Monetary Base, billion TJS (Somoni) for March5,7
Interest Rate in 2015
(% annual)
Refinancing Rate
(from December 22, 2014)
Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren.(March)14,91
Average weighted rate on loans in national curren(March)23,19
Average weighted rate of interbank loans(March)19,30
Average rate on NBT's securities(March)3,58
Average weighted interest rate on mortgage (residential)loans(March)9,36
Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans (March)9,88
Exchange Rate of Foreign Currencies to TJS
on 07-05-2015
  1 USD        6.2900
  1 EUR        7.1602
  1 RUB        0.1265
Financial Reports
Financial year 2013
Financial year 2012
The Financial Statements of the previous years


Tajiks have an ancient tradition of coinage and commodity-money relations. Minting of first coins in the territory of ancient Boctria and Sogdiana goes back to the III Century Before Christ, epoch of Selevkids’ predominance and Greek-Bactrian rules. These coins were called drachmas and were minted the same way as Greek coins. This tradition continued during the whole history of the tajik people until the twentieth century. The peak of money circulation and coin minting starts at the time when Somonids became rules of the first centralized state of Tajiks (875-999), and the currency of the sovereign Tajikistan is called Somoni in their honor. It should be noted that up to 30 minting centers existed in the territory of this powerful state.

Denomination Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (g.) MetalColour

1 dirams 14,5

2 dirams 16,0

5 dirams 16,50 1,35 2,00 bi-metal (cupro-zinc-steel-cupro-zinc) yellow

10 dirams 17.50 1.40 2.40 bi-metal (cupro-zinc-steel-cupro-zinc) yellow

20 dirams 18.50 1.40 2.70 bi-metal (cupro-zinc-steel-cupro-zinc) yellow

25 dirams 19.00 1,40 2,76 Copper--zinc yellow

50 dirams 21,00 1,45 3,60 Copper-zinc yellow

1 somoni 24,00 1,60 5,20 Copper-nickelwhite

3 somoni 25,50 1,80 6,30 Copper-nickel white

5 somoni 26,50 1,85 7,00 Copper-nickelwhite


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