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  • Macroeconomic Indicators for 2023
  • Monthly inflation for April
  • 3,4%
  • Monetary base, bln. somoni (April)
  • Medium-term inflation target
    6% (±2)
  • Monetary policy rates (% per annum)
    • Refinancing Rate
      (from May 01, 2023)10,0
    • Overnight loans rate - refinancing rate +3p.p.
    • Overnight deposits rate - refinancing rate -3p.p.
    • Reserve requirement ratio,
      national currency3,0
    • Reserve requirement ratio,
      foreign currency9,0
    • Average rate on NBT's
      securities (April)9,93%
  • Interest Rate in 2023
  • Average weighted rate on time depos.in national curren (January-April)
    12,55 %
  • Average weighted rate on loans in national curren (January-April)
    23,13 %
  • Average weighted rate of interbank loans. in national curren (January-April)
    15,19 %
  • Average weighted interest rate on mortgage (residential) loans. in national curren (April)
    20,74 %
  • Average weighted interest rate on consumption loans. in national curren (April)
    22,47 %

  • Daily price of Dimensional Gold Bars of the NBT

Date: 05.06.2023

Bars weight,
Repurchase Price,
Selling Price,
5 3580.36 3652.69
10 7041.23 7183.47
20 13948.99 14230.79
50 34643.12 35342.98
100 69166.88 70564.19

  • Information regording Bars can be obtained via tel:
    44-600-32-77, 44-600-32-48

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  • Яндекс.Метрика

Joint IMF and WB mission in Tajikistan has finished its work


On the 29th of August the meeting of NBT management and the Ministries of Finance of the republic with joint mission of the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) led by Mr.Hormoz Aghdaey, being in Tajikistan with the purpose of assessment of financial sector of the country, took place at the National Bank of Tajikistan. The head and members of the mission have presented the final review of the above-mentioned assessment. It has been noted that the given mission is the second under the program, which includes identification of vulnerable and strong positions in macroeconomics, risks and system liquidity.

The members of the mission have attracted the attention of Tajik party to positive tendencies of development of banking system of the Republic of Tajikistan, its indicators. In particular it has been noted that the banking system stably develops, the confident growth of deposits and credits goes on, significant improvements have been observed in banking supervision of the NBT, more open access to financing and increase in terms of repayment of credits are reached, active work on development and strengthening of sector of insurance is conducted and etc.

The Chairman of the National Bank of Tajikistan M. Alimardon in his turn has thanked the members of joint mission for the detailed review of the program and recommendations and he also has expressed confidence of tripartite cooperation between NBT, IMF and WB.

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